Gaudiness and Beauty

Longwood Tree
Photo Credit: Robb Enright

‘Tis the season to be wild with color and decorating whether it is our homes, yards, cars or ourselves. I know there are religious reasons for Christmas and Chanukah but this is also the season to have fun.

I love how at this time of the year everyone loves all the sparkle, color and tackiness of the season. Maybe this is a sign that society in general has rules that are too binding? In society, things have to match or blend or be just right. This time of the year is a celebration of cutting loose.

We use as many lights in as many colors and combinations imaginable. How about the inflatable and plastic decorations that sometimes fill every space indoors and out. Think about the ugly sweaters that are so popular now. The gaudier the better.  

Fun Lights

Fun Lights

Is this just our inner children trying to get out and have a great time? I think so. Anything goes and that’s fun!

Some people like to stay with simple whites and golds. Others use every color there is. And it’s all great. No judgement. Only preference.

Doesn’t it make you happy to see the effort people go to just to add some beauty and fun to the world? Don’t you love to see the beautiful and the gaudy?

It is a crazy busy time of the year but I hope you take a little time to walk or drive around your neighborhood and enjoy it all.

(A special thanks to Robb Enright for letting me use his stunning photo of the grand tree at Longwood Gardens.)

Real Life is Overrated

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been mired in real life. Real life by itself is overrated.

Have you ever made huge changes in your life going into the new phase at full speed to the detriment of everything else? When all of your energy and focus swings into the new endeavor? Well that’s where I have been.

I am swinging back into a better balance of things again and hope to stay here a while.

I had to push all of my writing aside for a while and was too busy to notice how much I have missed it. I have done this a few times in the past. Sometimes thinking I was quitting this whole writing thing. But every time this happens I realize that I need to write. I can’t not write! At least this time I wasn’t foolish enough to think I was really quitting. This time I knew I would be back; I just didn’t know when. I think this is growth!

Writing helps me put things in perspective. It helps me work through problems and emotions before they become toxic. Creative writing is a wonderful way for me to escape reality and feel as if there is some control in life. And often, the creative writing ends up being helpful without my intending it to be.

I have been reading the wonderful blogs that I follow. Your blogs have been very inspiring and I am very grateful to have found your words.

For the most part the only writing I have been doing is in my journal or emails.

Lately my imagination has been prodding me to get back to it. I’m a little rusty but I think I have the energy and will to shine it up and see what I find.

Make-Believe Come True

I had an interesting revelation at work the other day. I work at a library and was processing new books to add to the collection. As I was carefully putting on the barcodes and then stamping each book with the library stamp, I realized that this is a job that I used to play make-believe when I was a kid!

I was doing the exact same thing when I was probably eight or nine years old. We lived in a colonial at that time and there was a small alcove at the top of the stairs. My sister and I set up the alcove to be a library. I remember sitting at a small desk with a pile index cards and was stamping them one after another to put in each book my sister was checking out. I remember the feeling of being very official and professional as the librarian.

As this memory came to me while I was stamping real books in a real library, I kind of giggled and realized that at that moment  one of my make-believe games came true! And I found it funny because it wasn’t a big dream and I’m not an official librarian, but I was very happy doing my job! How often does that happen?

I have been one of those people who has never known what I want to be when I grow up and as a result I have had quite a variety of jobs over the years. Some I disliked very much, a few that I enjoyed for a time. Now I have a job that I love and that in itself is a revelation.

I like my job because of so many reasons like being able to recommend books for people and helping them find information. I love meeting people and have been awed and humbled by the stories they tell about themselves. I love being surrounded by books and all the magic and knowledge contained in each one.

How fun it has been to discover that even the small things like stamping books can be rewarding! I’m still tickled by the whole idea.
Have you ever had anything like that happen where you work? If so, were you as surprised as I have been? I would love to read your story!

The Gift of This Day

I rarely take a day like this and I am very grateful for it.  I hope you can take a little time to relax and enjoy the gifts of your day.


The gift of this day

is not lost upon me.

The entire day to do as

I please.

Despite the gentle prodding

of the shoulds.

I am gently pushing them


for now.


I am balancing the first

load of laundry

now hung on the line

with the pure pleasure

of reading poetry

from a borrowed book

while sitting on my porch.


The screen allowing me

to relax with no fear

of an insect’s bite.

The luxury of watching

Nature float, twitter,

flutter, and inch by

like the words

that land here

on the page.


I am immensely

grateful for

the gift of this day.