Waking up With a Story

I woke up with a story today. Sometimes this happens. When I thought of the dream I had I was shocked that while dreaming it I wasn’t more scared or upset or outraged. The dream itself was very bright and colorful and the events that happened were shown with just enough detail and feeling for me to embellish while awake.

While waking up and thinking about it, I realized that there was an interesting story there.

 The first thing I did was jot down some notes to keep the main details in focus.

 Now that I’ve had a few hours to let it percolate, I’m getting the start of a plot. I’m energized because I feel like I’ve been on a dry spell and haven’t felt excited by much of anything that I’ve written lately.

 This could turn into quite a horrifying adventure story. But enough said. I have to see if it will grow into a full story.


2 thoughts on “Waking up With a Story

  1. There are writers whose ideas come almost entirely from dreams. I don’t think I’ve ever written a story from a dream, although I have a couple of times thought to myself that my dream would make an interesting story. But usually they’re too vague and unclear. I find it fascinating when I read a whole detailed story and find an author’s note at the end saying that it was pretty much straight from her dream with minimal tweaking. I wish I dreamed that vividly and recalled it so well!

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