Writing by Hand Versus Typing

How do you write? Do you run to your computer and type as fast as you can to get it all out? Or when an idea comes to you do you need to write it by hand?

In my writing group, the Wordwrights, there is a mixture but most of us write our first words by hand. Only after that first draft is on paper will many of us then transcribe it onto the computer.

There seems to be something more organic about physically forming the letters and words using a pen or pencil and putting them onto paper.

Yet we seem to have no problem typing words for blogs, emails and tweets. Why is that?

Is it a matter of ‘serious’ writing versus the more conversational, less important quick communications of today’s social media?

Maybe we consider the social media words more temporary and our fiction, poetry and memoirs more permanent and lasting?


8 thoughts on “Writing by Hand Versus Typing

  1. I type my first draft. I guess I am just used to it.

  2. Libdrone says:

    Honestly, if the goddess had intended for me to write things in long hand, she would Never have allowed the key board to be invented. I think much faster than my soon to be horribly aching hand could ever scrawl out my thoughts in a chicken scratch no one could read. I can type fairly accurately about as fast as I can think.

  3. madgett says:

    Personally I think I’ve pretty much forgotten how to write more than a few quick notes at best – I nearly always type! But I’m not a serious writer!

  4. cadsmith says:

    If am in the middle of a current draft, the ideas will be entered online there somehow. In between, they may make it to a status feed, also typed, or a handwritten notebook. Occasionally it goes onto a phone app. All together, there are parallel tracks.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It seems writing by hand vs by keyboard is not only a personal choice but can vary depending on the project or even mood. Interesting.

  6. I might write ideas down on paper, but any actual piece of writing I usually keep to computer. It’s just much more convenient. I don’t find computer writing very different from writing by hand. Reading, on the other hand . . . I much prefer to read the printed word than to read books on a screen!

    • I like the convenience of jotting down a note on paper but I too like the computer for more than notes. I too like the printed word in a book. I’ve noticed though that if the story is really good then it doesn’t matter how I’m reading it; I still get lost in the words.

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