There are more books than anyone can read in a lifetime, so why do we feel compelled to reread books? Every new book is like going on an adventure to a new world, meeting new people, learning new things. With so much to explore, why take the time to read a book you’ve read before?

For me it’s the comfort of visiting an old friend or place. Most of the time I find that I rediscover the magic of a beautifully written tale which in turn inspires me to write.

Most stories give me answers to questions I didn’t know I was looking for. I’m amazed when reading a favorite story only to find an entire meaning that I never saw before.

Sometimes I will reread a book specifically looking for the secrets of why it works. It may be the beautiful descriptions or characters so real that I miss them when I finish the story. The best books have both.

It seems that I reread both to enjoy the comfort of a familiar story and also to learn more about the craft of writing.


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