Wild Turkeys

 While driving to work yesterday an entire flock of wild turkeys decided to cross the road in front of me. I stopped and they not only ran across the road but some of them flew over the road and my car. One was very close to the windshield. They are big birds!

Flock of Wild Turkeys, CentraL PA

Flock of Wild Turkeys, CentraL PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now a tractor trailer arrives from the other direction and I see the driver crack up laughing. Probably at my face and/or the whole comic scene! He blew his horn which only stirred up the turkeys more! Eventually, we all got to move on and no turkeys were hit.

An amusing way to start my day!


4 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys

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  2. Whoa, where do you live that you have wild turkeys randomly flying into the road?!

    • Southeastern Pennsylvania. It doesn’t happen often which is why it was a neat experience. I’ve seen them every now and then but I’ve never seen that many at a time or that close! It still makes me smile.

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