Real Writing

I have a writer friend who has challenged himself by setting a goal of writing a certain amount of words a year. I thought about this and have to wonder which words would count if I were to do a similar challenge.

Obviously I would count every word that I wrote on a creative piece I was working on. But what about the words used in blogs? Or journals? Do they count? Is that ‘real’ writing?

Writing blogs is still a creative process, so I would think that would count. Well, unless the post was just informational or a link to another relevant site.

I probably wouldn’t count journal writing since that is usually just the recording of the events or emotions of the day. However there have been times when my journal entries become very creative and even lead to stories. So maybe I could count that?

As writers we always hear that we should write every day. What counts as ‘real’ writing?



5 thoughts on “Real Writing

  1. Anything really, it’s all practice and it all feeds into an overall imporvement (one would hope) in a writer’s ability.

  2. I’d count words by day rather than by year. It’s a much more precise goal to aim for. As for what to write, I think that while creative writing is of course better, journal writing can be helpful. I know someone who would write seven hundred fifty words every day (there’s a site for it,, I think), and she says even though most of it wasn’t creative writing, it still made writing her NaNoWriMo novel much easier.

  3. I agree with daily word counts. The year seems too daunting for me. Right now I’m just trying to write anything every day. It keeps my momentum going.

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