Some Writing Days Are Like Wading Through Molasses.

Other days the words flow so quickly that my fingers can’t keep up with them. The flowing days are the easy ones.

Most days are somewhere in between.

I used to give up on the molasses days but recently I’ve been slogging my way through. I figure the worst that can happen is that the writing will be terrible. If I can get the gist of an idea down, I can revise it later. I’m learning to catch tiny seeds of an idea. They float by and disappear if I don’t. Getting a few key words down or even one small description is usually enough to keep the idea clear.

Another trick I do on molasses days is to tell myself that I’ll only write for fifteen minutes. I’ll sit down, sigh dramatically and start writing. The next thing I know much more than fifteen minutes has gone by.

Some days I have to fish for the simplest words. At least I wrote something.

Guess what kind of day I had today?


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