Dawn Birdsong

I woke to the beautiful song of a mockingbird sitting in the lilac bush right outside the open window. Despite the fact that it was barely getting light and about an hour earlier than I had planned on getting up, I had to smile at the pure joy this bird was sharing.

It was up close and personal.

Eventually, in the distance I heard a robin begin its day with song. Soon an entire choir of various birds joined in.

It occurred to me that these birds are greeting the new day with their gift of song. This wasn’t being done for any other reason. Maybe we should follow their example.


7 thoughts on “Dawn Birdsong

  1. Great observation, Sherrie. Life is all about how we look at it.

  2. […] Dawn Birdsong (sherriepalmer.wordpress.com) […]

  3. That should be “its.” 😉
    It’s cool that you can identify birdsong!

  4. Oh! Oops! Thank you!

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