Do you keep a journal? I’ve always found that if I write things out for myself it helps prioritize my life. By getting it all out in words and sometimes pictures, drawings and photos I can really see what is important and what isn’t.

I’ve read that some writers keep many journals. I have two. 

The first journal is a personal one I use to let the words and feelings flow in any way that they want to about everything good and bad. I used to write all of this in physical notebooks but have switched to the computer. I’ve done this because sometimes I end up with writing that I would like to use later and it’s great to be able to find things using the search feature rather than thumbing through pages and pages of a notebook.

The second journal is a physical one. I splurged and bought one of those really beautiful journals you can get and I use this one as my ‘positive’ journal. I use a favorite purple pen that I love the feel of. In this journal I record positive and beautiful things that I observe. This one is fun to go back through and read because it has become my own inspirational book. It’s full of pleasant activities and descriptions of nice things I’ve seen, heard or thought about.

Keeping journals for me is a kind of therapy that helps tame the multitude of ideas always streaming through my head.

3 thoughts on “Journals

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  2. Just started journaling again. I like your thought of having an inspirational journal for all the good stuff. 🙂

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