Organizing Writing Files

How do you keep your writing files organized? Is there a system that works for you? And do you keep it all on your computer or do you have printed files too?

I’ve discovered that keeping my writing files organized is essential. When I was writing my novel I found that for me if I kept a main file on my computer for the book and then had individual files for each chapter this worked very well for me. And that sounds great but sometimes it would get complicated.

As I revised if I wasn’t sure that the changes would work overall, I would save it in another file. Then I realized that the date saved was sometimes the only way I could keep track of which version I wanted. So then I would save the chapter as revised with a date and that helped.

Eventually I got through it all but sometimes felt like I was wasting time trying to keep the files straight. This is what has worked best for any of my longer writing.

I’ve also discovered that sometimes I just have to have the writing printed out so that I can read it through. A lot of things show up on the printed pages that slip by me on the computer screen. Then I end up with a lot of printed pages.

As time goes by and I work on more projects, I seem to be getting better at organizing it all. I’ve got a system of saving folders in a way that makes sense to me to keep everything in its place. Separate folders for different types of writing like short stories, blog posts, journal, etc.

I keep the physical folders organized that same way as the ones saved digitally.

Most important is to back it all up! Saving frequently and having backup storage is essential. If my computer crashes I know I have it all saved in another place and that is great peace of mind.

What works for you?

2 thoughts on “Organizing Writing Files

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