Using the Comment Feature

After reading Jennifer M Eaton’s blog post I realized that I don’t always write in a linear manner. Especially with longer pieces. I tend to write scenes as they show up in my imagination. When I do write in the proper order of things, and an idea for another part of the story pops into my head I use the Comment Feature in Word. This way I don’t have to leave what I’m working on; I just add a comment.

For instance, if I’m working on Chapter Four and I realize that I’ll have to add a small change back in Chapter Two, I click on the comment icon, type up a quick reminder to myself, close it, and go back to what I was typing. This way I don’t lose my train of thought plus I don’t lose the idea.

Later, once I’m done writing or revising, I can go back to that comment and act on it.

2 thoughts on “Using the Comment Feature

  1. I find, even when I am writing linearly, that on occasion I will need something, like a wristwatch in a scene. Then I will have to pop back and have the character put on a wristwatch earlier. Things like that are normal “edit stuff”. The problems come in when your character is 12, and you think of something great that happens when they are 18, and you run off and write and polish that scene before he has even celebrated his thirteenth birthday. Things like that can totally keep you off track.

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