Productive Writing Days

The last few days have been nicely productive for my writing.

I revised the short story that the Wordwrights critiqued for me.

I got a rejection email about a short story I submitted last month, so I did what I usually do; I sighed and moved on by sending out another short story that felt ready to go. I didn’t get a note about why they rejected this one so I’ll reread it and see if I can figure out what needs fixing and send it out again.

Then I started a new short story and got the whole thing down this morning. It will need a lot of tweaking but it’s on paper now. That always feels good.

I have a few short stories to work on. One  story I’ve sent out a couple of times and it came back both times with almost identical comments about it being too slow in the beginning. At least that is something concrete to work on which is great!

I’m trying to keep at least two pieces of writing out there at a time and have been managing to do that for a few months now.

I feel that I am constantly balancing writing time with everything else in my life but I always feel so much better when I put writing first. Okay! Back to work!


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