Childlike Wonder-Brave, the movie

I’m thrilled that I can enjoy the magic and beauty of the new Pixar movie, Brave. I laughed and giggled at the silliness, gasped at the scary parts, and stared at the beautiful pictures before my eyes. The music in the movie is wonderful. The characters were full of life. The story was satisfying. I can’t even imagine the effort that went into making this movie. Overall, I’m just happy that I can enjoy what is considered a ‘children’s movie’.

It makes me want to go dust off my bow and shoot some arrows!


Brave (2012 film)

Brave (2012 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “Childlike Wonder-Brave, the movie

  1. love her hair – who could not love a movie with a star like this

  2. Rob says:

    And it was well worth the wait. What a fun movie. I too love the fact that I can enjoy a kiddie movie and not feel odd or strange or whatever. Good times.

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