Marketing A Love/Hate Relationship

I know that researching markets to submit my writing to is extremely important.

I know that the better I know the place I’m submitting to, the better my chances are of getting published by them.

I also know that by doing this it helps all writers in the long run. It helps everyone when the editors of the various publications aren’t bogged down by submissions that just don’t belong there.

 I will confess that I hate the time it takes to do all of this research! It takes away from the time I could be writing new stories. It takes away editing and revising time. Okay, I admit it; it takes away from the parts I consider ‘fun’ time in writing.

 I love when I make the time to do it right. I love the feeling I get when I hope that my submission is a good match for that publication. I love knowing that someone new and objective is reading my writing. And I love the anticipation I feel while waiting for an answer.

 I definitely have a love/hate relationship with marketing!


4 thoughts on “Marketing A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. Rob says:

    Just get an agent and they’ll do all the dirty work for you!

  2. Rob says:

    Maybe we can hire one for the entire writing group? 😉

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