Cool Water on a Hot Day

As I write this it is 90 degrees in the shade and 61% humidity. I just went outside and refilled the old cement birdbath that I’ve had for years. I no sooner came inside when I looked out and saw birds lined up waiting for their turn for a fresh cool drink of water.

I have a clothes line which is held up by strong wooden posts. There was a Robin and a Mourning Dove sitting on the top waiting for the Purple Finches to finish their turn on the birdbath. I managed to catch photo of a Finch and a Mockingbird. The Mourning Dove’s were on the roof waiting patiently.

Thirsty Finch

Mockingbird and Finch

Happy birds. This makes me smile.


3 thoughts on “Cool Water on a Hot Day

  1. Oh, how lovely for you to see the birds enjoy what you put out for them!

  2. Great pictures, and I’m sure the birds were gratefull for the cool drink! 😉

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