Reading for Inspiration

Writers should read and read a lot. And we should read many different kinds of writing.

 One of the fun things about reading is when something in a story, article, essay or poem strikes a spark within, and with careful tending can become a new story for me. It can be as simple as one sentence or the entire premise of the piece I’ve read.

 I will be reading and suddenly something resonates. Something that touches me. Then I’m thinking about that one thing and how I can reshape it to my own form.

 Or sometimes I’ll read a story and feel it isn’t going at all the way I want it to go and find the need to rewrite it my way.

 Even reading market guidelines and what they are looking for can be inspiring. Ideas for certain topics can launch ideas.

 When I’m in a phase of not feeling inspired to come up with a new story, reading usually does the trick.

 I’d write more about this, but I have a couple of new ideas begging for my attention!


5 thoughts on “Reading for Inspiration

  1. Walt Trizna says:

    I agree with Sherrie 100%. Writers should read as much as they can. Throw out the TV and video games. Read books in your own genre and those in any genre that might interest you. Be critical in your reading. Once you are a writer, the way you approach a book will change.

    Finally, a book critic for The Washington Post, Michael Dirda, suggests we go to a used bookstore and purchase a book written fifty years ago or more by an author we are unfamiliar with.

    All of us writers may be in that category some day.

  2. I write a weekly column – been doing it for 14 years, and if I did not read I would have been doing it for two days

  3. Zen says:

    Agreed. And if not for inspiration, writers should read to learn from other authors. There is so much that can be learned by observing the writing styles of others.

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