Can’t Sleep? Write!

There are many times when I wake up way too early. Like three or four in the morning early. Once I’ve reached a certain level of consciousness my mind shifts into gear and then I can’t stop it. I’ve learned that instead of lying in bed angry with myself for not getting back to sleep, to use this time for writing.

And it works. The trick is to make sure I keep an eye on the time if it’s a morning when I have to go to work. Setting an alarm helps.

There is something about that time of the day that is conducive to productive writing.

Maybe it’s because I know that there is nothing that will interrupt me? Well, except my cat, but usually he’s so thrilled to be able to ‘hunt’ from window to window in the predawn hours that he keeps himself entertained.

There is a calmness at that time of the day that if I can reel in my busy mind and focus on one thing, then the next thing I know the time has flown and it’s time to get ready for work. I realized that I have written for a good hour or two without pausing.

The hard part is coming back to reality and getting ready for the day. It’s hard to shift gears.

The best part is the feeling of satisfaction I get from having written. Often that writing will linger with me throughout the day becoming more refined and focused. In the evening I can go back and revise it easily. At least until I get too sleepy. After all, I’ve been up since four!

Writing is a terrific way to start any day!


6 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep? Write!

  1. a psychic once told me the best time to write is 4:40 a.m.

  2. I do think it’s the silence and lack of interruption that makes early morning such a good time for writing.

  3. I have also found that early morning writing can be very productive, especially when you find yourself awake “too early”. Sometimes my dreams have provided clarity that I need to get through writer’s blocks. 😀

    • Dreams do seem to be great ways to get inspired. I’ve had a few story ideas start that way. And at that time of the morning you can really focus on the details.

  4. Rob says:

    As of late, I’ve been doing the same thing. Oh, and, yes, an alarm is a must. There have been a few times that I’ve almost been late to work because I get so caught up in what I’m doing.

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