Great Teens

Teenagers get a bad rap most of the time. I wanted to share that not all teens are bad. In fact most of them are wonderful young adults. Sometimes you just have to get to know them. Mostly you need to talk with them and not down to them.

I had the pleasure of running a Hunger Games event at work. We played a survival game and had a trivia contest. I am blown away by how smart and fun this group of fourteen teenagers were.

Tonight I was invited to sit in at a Teen Book Discussion group. They had all read The Hobbit, and again, I was impressed by their intelligence and insight.

The media often makes us worry about the direction the young people of today are going to take this country and this world. As of today I’m not worried. In fact I think we are in good hands if the teens I’ve gotten to know are examples of what is to come.

Get to know some teenagers. I think you might be pleasantly surprised!


2 thoughts on “Great Teens

  1. Not very often do I see people saying things like this! It’s wonderful to hear someone be appreciative of the good rather than noticing only the bad. 😉 Keep up the lovely positiveness!

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