Office Supply Stores and Writers

We haven’t even gotten to August yet and I’m beginning to see back-to-school ads and commercials. I feel a cringing sympathy to all of the students out there who feel they have barely begun to enjoy their summer breaks.

 As a writer however, I feel a tingle of excitement when I think of all the back-to-school sales that are about to begin at the various office supply stores. I have yet to meet a writer who doesn’t get all weak in the knees with anticipation.

 There will be aisle after aisle of treasure for writers. Notebooks, pens, pencils, reams of printer paper, ink for printers, paperclips in every color of the rainbow, sticky notes, page dividers, tabs, binders, folders…

 Oh my!

 I love looking through the various bins on display with the latest and greatest. I know I have more than enough notebooks at home but how can I pass up that purple stapler? Or finding my favorite brand of pen on sale? And can I ever really have enough purple paperclips to go with the purple pushpins? (Yes, purple is my favorite color, but I also love blues and greens. I’m not totally obsessed!)

 I study the ads and see who has the best deals but let’s face it; once I’ve stepped into one of these amusement parks for writers, I’m done. I’m literally like a kid in a candy store. All common sense and reason left at the door. And a little splurging is fine as long as our submissions are professional and done exactly as the publisher requires. After all, they will never know that our first draft was done in purple ink, right?

 What are some of your guilty pleasures at the office supply store?



5 thoughts on “Office Supply Stores and Writers

  1. notebooks–I love notebooks, and new pens, and coloured pens, and beautiful paper, and paperclips, and staplers, and rulers and you name it –for someone who does most of her writing on a laptop–I still need these supplies – they keep me grounded

  2. Oh me too – notebooks, beautiful notebooks which I sometimes find it hard to start writing in because it’s so precious! I like different coloured pens too. Stationery shopping must surely be one of life’s little pleasures 😀 Sharon

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