Writing in Scenes

I write by the scene. When writing short stories I can usually just follow the little movie going on in my imagination. When writing longer pieces I write the scenes that are making the most noise in my head and get them out as fast as I can. Often there isn’t an order to the way they get written but somehow I know what order to put them in once I get the first draft down.

We’ve talked about this a few times in my writing group and it seems that some people have to write everything in the exact chronological order that it happens in the story. These are also the writers who like to make detailed outlines.

I don’t seem to work this way. I find it too restrictive. I also find that I end up having to fill in the gaps and sometimes that gets tricky. In the long run, I think my way of writing takes longer but it seems more fun. I get to discover the story as I go. Sometimes I’ve written myself into a dead-end and have to back track but it’s an adventure of discovery.

 Do you outline? Do you write in chronological order? What works for you?


2 thoughts on “Writing in Scenes

  1. I used to pants. As soon as I started to outline, I started getting published. Yes, panting is more fun. But you need to decide if you are just doing it for fun, or if you want to be published. Either answer is OK. You just need to be honest with yourself. I’ve found outlining can still be fun by not deciding the outcome of the final scene until I actually get there.

    • Jennifer,
      I had to search your blog for what panting meant. I had never heard that term before. I learned something new which is always good! And yes, I’m hearing that outlining is more efficient. Lately I’ve been writing a very loose outline and then writing any scenes that I see clearly. I always know how it will end but not always how I get there. I’m still playing with it all and learning all the way. Thank you!

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