Notebooks, Comments and Creativity

I have been so busy lately! I worked more hours to cover while my boss was on vacation this past week. I had my Wordwrights meeting. I’m getting ready for my niece’s wedding and the influx of my husband’s family coming into town. I’m also trying to get organized for the trip to visit my side of the family that’s coming up very soon.

Despite all of these things I have had a few new writing ideas come to me. I’ve been strangely creative.

I’ve had lots of comments about keeping a notebook nearby all of the time and I am doing that again. (I’m not sure why I ever stopped doing that!) Maybe just seeing those notebooks everywhere is keeping writing from getting shoved into the background.

And even though I haven’t had time to work on these ideas as much as I would love to, I’m managing to make notes on them throughout the day. I get snippets to add at the oddest times and luckily, there’s a notebook nearby!

Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me and gotten me back on track. It really seems to be working.

I would go into more details but I have some writing to get to…


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