Colorado Wildlife

I’m on my annual trip to Colorado to visit family. My brother always takes me to see the most incredible sites.

One of the places we visited had signs warning that there were not only bears but an aggressive mountain lion with two kits. Mom got back in the car at that point.

I’ve never seen a moose or a mountain sheep until this trip. It was so exciting to see not one, but four moose in one place! They were off in the distance but it was still thrilling. And I’ve seen mountain goats before but never sheep. I got to see both yesterday! Very exciting and beautiful. The Colorado mountains are so vast. I’m always in awe of how big nature is there.

Mountain sheep on the road.

Two female moose in the pond.

A few people got closer.

Two male moose


One thought on “Colorado Wildlife

  1. That’s so cool! I love seeing animals on mountain roads. 😉

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