Hurricane Sandy has blown through and today we are left with cold damp rain. Even though I’m posting this under Little Pleasures, I have to say that having electricity is one of my biggest pleasures in life. Right up there with a long hot shower, which is connected to the whole electricity thing.

We were lucky and only lost power for fifteen hours. We got a lot of rain! Something like six inches or more. Here is a picture of the Brandywine River which is right down the road from us. Usually, that bump in the water is a lovely stone dam and the river is half that wide with a calm flow.

Brandywine River

Many in the eastern seaboard area are not so lucky. And the destruction that I’m seeing on TV is awful. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who are dealing with loss.



One thought on “Electricity

  1. It is sometimes when what we have is disrupted, we suddenly value it so much more – like flipping on the switch and light comes on. I am glad to hear you are good. Take care and happy writing. Sharon

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