Christmas Lights!

I love Christmas lights!

This time of year driving home from work in the evening is so colorful. It seems this year people are going crazy with the lights. So many colors and so many ways to display them. Everything from the formal white lights and spotlights on a grand house to a row house with every square inch of both house and yard covered in colorful lights, often blinking ones.

I also love to go to a place like Longwood Gardens and wander around the grounds in awe of the displays. I smile as I immerse myself in the cheerful atmosphere and listen to the sounds of other people laughing and enjoying themselves.

Lilac and crocus lights.

Lilac and crocus lights.

Reindeer Garden

Reindeer Garden








The lights make everything look cheerful and warm. I know everyone is busy this time of the year but take an extra few minutes and put on some holiday music and drive around your neighborhood. I bet you will be smiling! Enjoy.


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