Reviewing 2012, Looking Forward to 2013

I always take this time of year to decide what I want to work on for the next year as do many of us. As far as my writing goes, I am taking this week to review what I accomplished this year with my writing.

I started this blog and am still enjoying it very much. I feel like I’ve met some incredible people by blogging. I will continue to read as many blogs as I have time for and continue to learn from all of them. I’ve discovered that the blogging community is truly a community. I’m giving a huge thanks to all of you who have supported my blog and given wonderful advice along the way.

I have written more this year than ever. This is in large part due to me staying more focused on my writing goals. I hope to do even better in 2013.

I also submitted more this year than ever and even though I’ve gotten rejections I’m still pleased that I made the effort. Plus I’ve gotten some helpful feedback which is wonderful!

I will set goals for the upcoming year but it sure is nice to see what I’ve accomplished this year. I look forward meeting more people and having fun.

What have you accomplished this year? Good for you! What are your plans for 2013?


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