Pens on Parade

Pens on Parade (Photo credit: Abizern)

Since I posted on January 25th what my immediate goals in writing are, I decided to follow up and report that I’ve been making progress.

I finished revising one of the short stories and have sent it to a couple of objective readers to see what they think. Once I have that feedback, I’ll revise again if needed and then submit it.

I’ve also added about 2,000 words to the latest story I’m working on. I had hoped that this would be a short story but it isn’t behaving that way, so I’m just going with it for now.

I hope all of your writing is going well. What are you working on?


8 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Ana says:

    This is great, Sherrie! You are making good progress!

    I haven’t written lately, but I want to change that.

    • Thank you! I hope you get back to your writing. It’s hard to get going but once you do, it feels great. I hope I can keep up the momentum. Good luck and post about your progress!

  2. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “fortunate?” All the best with your short story submissions. I didn’t know there are still short story markets.

  3. Nice one on your progress. I just sent a story off for the Artist’s and Writer’s Yearbook competition. It’ll be a couple of months before I hear anything. Fingers crossed in the meantime 😉

  4. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too! Good luck! And thank you.

  5. drybredquips says:

    Glad you liked “far enough,” Sherrie. Thanks. And glad to learn about short story markets online. I did learn about and read a one-paragraph short story that some guy put on his blog. Though it was very short, I consider it a complete story because it contains a variation of the root principle of narrative art – a yearning for the return of a valued person that the narrator apparently drove away.

  6. drybredquips says:

    I’m happy that you liked “happiness,” Sherrie. Thanks very much.

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