Writing Spaces

I love to read about how and where writers write. And there has been tons written about the special places that authors write. In fact, some authors can only write in their particular place. I wouldn’t want to be locked into one routine or place.

I think writers need a place that makes it easy to slip into that writing frame of mind. And I think that certain routines can help as well. There is a sense of routine in sitting down with a familiar pen or computer. There is definitely something to familiarity which helps switch into writing mode more quickly. 

But I’ve also noticed that once I’m in my writing mode, where I am doesn’t matter. Once I’m absorbed in putting words on paper or typing them into my computer, I lose all sense of where I am. The world of the words is all that exists at that moment.

I know I need either quiet or a steady background noise that doesn’t pull me out of my thoughts.

I’m very lucky to have a room for myself. I’ve painted it in a color I love and filled it with things that trigger my imagination. I have my writing books. I have my desk.

If I’m having a hard time writing, sometimes a change of scenery can be helpful. Some days it’s as simple as shifting from my desk to the living room.

I love to write outside. I find being outside energizing and inspiring. I go camping a lot and love to sit in a comfortable spot surrounded by trees and nature. And if it’s too cold or wet then at least being by a window will do.

Where do you write? What would be your ideal writing space?


8 thoughts on “Writing Spaces

  1. Sue Ghosh says:

    I have never been productive at a desk. From my college days to my full-time work days, and now my freelance writing, I can only progress if I’m sitting on a bed, with my pet sleeping next to me, and if there’s silence. I’ve tried coffee shops but find isolation works best for me.

    • I used to write in bed until my old laptop battery gave out and I’m tethered to my desk again. It sounds very comfortable. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Sue.

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  3. I find that I’m more productive when surrounded by elements of a time period that I’m writing about. My den is slowing turning into more of a historical showcase than an actual writing space, but I love walking into that to begin writing.

    • I like the idea of surrounding yourself with the time period. I imagine it helps keep you in that particular time while writing. You can feel like a time traveler when you are in your den. Nice!

  4. drybredquips says:

    Glad you liked “stiff upper lip,” Sherrie.” Thank you. Maybe because what I write is brief, I can write anywhere. I wrote “stiff upper lip” at a table in a shopping center food court, next to a play area for screaming kids. While concentrating on various facts, feelings and metaphors associated with income tax payment, I don’t think I even heard the screams. I carry writing materials everywhere I go and find a place to sit and work out the words wherever and whenever I get a subject in mind. I do it in my parked car, supermarkets, rooms and porches at home, walking at the mall with my walker (which has a seat I can sit on and write from wherever the notion strikes me). All the best to you and fellow writers with all your writing in all the places best for you to do it.

    • John, its great that you can write wherever you are! And I imagine your wonderful quick posts can pop into your head at any time and any place. And I agree that when we are focused on our writing it doesn’t matter too much where we are and we can even ignore the noises around us. Thank you for commenting and your kind words.

  5. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “change of heart,” Sherrie, and for your response about the places I write. Actually, the only thing that might “pop into my head” is a subject. What I end up saying about the subject comes at the end of a usually-agonizing, time-consuming process of trial and error, involving words, actions, visual imaginings, catch phrases, slang expressions etc. that might have even the slightest logical association to the subject. I love working through the process to exercise my brain as I’m walking at the shopping center to exercise what’s left of my once-upon-a-long-time-ago athletic body..

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