The Joyful Wave

I was driving home from work today and going through one of the small towns where the speed limit is only 25mph. While stopped at a traffic light I saw a young man walking along the other side of the road. He looked to be in his twenties and appeared to have some special needs but seemed capable enough to be walking along this road.

I watched as he stopped and shyly waved to each car as it went by. He smiled and gave a careful little two-handed wave, holding his arms close to his sides. After a car went by he lost his smile until the next car approached when he repeated the smile and the wave.

The light turned green and I drove forward. I was the only car at that point so I was ready for the smile and the wave. I smiled and waved back.

Well! You would have thought he had just won the lottery! His little smiled turned into a huge grin. He jumped up and down waving his arms over his head; full of happiness!

Looking in the rear view mirror I saw him turn back around and continue walking but now there was a definite bounce in his step.

I don’t know about him, but I’m still smiling as I think about the pure joy he got from a simple wave. What a wonderful gift!


12 thoughts on “The Joyful Wave

  1. what a wonderfully simple gift you gave him — all because you were aware

  2. Thank you. I feel like I’m the one who got a gift! I’m still smiling!

  3. Robbyn says:

    I know that guy! All he seems to want is reciprocation, a human connection. Good on you!

  4. What a simlple gesture, but what a wonderful reward for two people!

  5. Sherrie, what a beautiful story! I’ve been travelling for the last month, so haven’t been able to pop by, but what lovely timing, for it was truly wonderful to read about this experience. This is why the internet is a bit magical, because your encounter can make people across the globe smile!

  6. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “argument’s sake” and “straightening out” and for your great description of the guy with the smile and the wave, Sherrie.

  7. drybredquips says:

    Glad you liked “pull,” Sherrie. Thank you and best to you.

  8. Oh, such a lovely story! Thank you for sharing it!

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