Springing Forward in Teeny Tiny Steps

Writing journal

Writing journal (Photo credit: avrdreamer)

I’ve been very lax about blogging lately. Off the tip of my tongue the excuses would be, in no particular order: tax season, too many hours at work, Spring  and yard work. There are a few other things I could throw in but that would get boring and sound whiny.

Instead I can report that I have been writing. Yay!

The writing is very piecemeal but I have been getting it done. Another chapter in the one story I’ve been working on, some revising on two older pieces to get them ready to submit and a lot of notes of ideas. And as always I manage to write in my journal. That keeps me a little saner.

Since I haven’t had time to devote any long stretches of writing time, I’m squeezing in what I can. It keeps me moving forward even if it is in tiny steps.

The writing time I’ve had, sadly hasn’t been blogging. I’m sorry. I will try to get back on track here.

How has your writing been going? Do you find different seasons better for writing? Or are you more inspired at different times of the year? When your time is limited, how do you prioritize your writing?



2 thoughts on “Springing Forward in Teeny Tiny Steps

  1. LillianC says:

    I find the heat of the day affects my writing patterns. In the summer I write at night, when it’s more comfortable. In the winter I write during the day, possibly outside in the sunlight if the weather’s good. There’s also much to be said for being bundled up on the couch with a cat on my lap while I write in my journal.

  2. I also love writing outside while sitting in the sun. And I’m smiling about writing with a cat on you lap since I have that right now! Thank you for sharing.

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