April Has Been National Poetry Month

I paid more attention to poetry this month than I have in the past. I was exposed to more poetry and have learned a lot.

There was a poem in your pocket day where there was a small wooden tree with different poems hanging from each branch. You could pick a poem from the tree and keep it with you all day. You could memorize it if you wanted to. You could just pull it out of your pocket and read it all day. A nice way to enjoy a poem.

I learned more about the many forms of poetry. Poems that rhyme and poems that don’t rhyme. Poems that when written take the form of the words the poem is about. Most poems are really meant to be read out loud. The sound of a voice reading or reciting the words has a beauty of its own.

I even participated in reading a poem in two voices. I hadn’t heard of this before but once I pushed past my comfort zone and did it, I found it really fun. The sound of it was fascinating. I will need to look into this some more!

I was inspired by listening to a poetry activity for children. No rules. Be creative. I watched two little girls have fun creating poems with no self-consciousness and was amazed at how wonderful they were.

In my writing group one of the women gave us a poetry writing exercise to do. Her advice was to not take poetry or yourself too seriously. Then we discussed whether you can really critique a poem.

I have even written a little poetry in honor of April being National Poetry Month. It’s terrible poetry but at least I tried.

I know I’ve only touched upon the surface of poetry but it was fun. I look forward to learning more.

Did you participate in National Poetry Month? Do you write poetry? Do you think it can be critiqued or should we just try it and decide for ourselves if we like a poem or not? What really makes something a poem?


2 thoughts on “April Has Been National Poetry Month

  1. Tina England says:

    I have been thinking a lot about writing lately, mostly about how easy it was when I was a child. So your comment about the little girls writing poetry struck me. I have been trying to get back to that state of mind, writing for the pure joy of creation.

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