Driving home from work I smelled my favorite fragrance; honeysuckle! 


honeysuckle (Photo credit: Anne Davis)

I love it for many reasons. I have happy memories from early childhood of my father showing me how to pull the style or ‘string’ from the base of the flower and licking the drop of nectar. This was magical for a four-year-old!

The flowers also attract hummingbirds which is another magical positive for every age.

Then there is the wonderful fragrance. For me it’s a perfect blend of lightly sweet and fresh.

Sadly, the Japanese variety (Lonicera japonica) is considered an invasive weed because it can take over quickly, even girdling and killing tress! Don’t buy this variety if you find it for sale. There are a lot of varieties and colors, so do your homework to find the right one for you.

Orange Honeysuckle

Orange Honeysuckle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autumn Honeysuckle, #1

Autumn Honeysuckle, #1 (Photo credit: andrew dowsett)


This flower symbolizes that summer is really here.


Honeysuckle doesn’t bloom long enough for me so I will try not to hyperventilate as I drive by a bank of it blooming along the roadside.



4 thoughts on “Honeysuckle!

  1. Dad says:

    Ah, memories! That’s one of those small things that I had forgotten, but your writing about it has restored a wonderful memory. Thanks!

  2. Oh Sherrie,
    This is such a heartwarming post especially now that I see that Dad had visited and had left you a comment. What a special moment to remember with a special person in your life. When I see a honeysuckle, I shall think of you and how it was magic to a little four-year old once. Sharon

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