Word Spilling

Do you ever have times when everything you experience, see, hear, taste, touch and smell seems to spark words that have to be written? The words have to get out or they will spill out inappropriately from the pressure.

This morning was one of those times. I had the rare gift of uninterrupted time today and took advantage of it.

I started today early by sitting outside in my screened-in porch. This was the first day that I’ve been able to in a while because it has been so stinking hot and humid outside. I had my cup of tea, my notebook and a poetry book.

I had the luxury of just sitting and being. Of watching the birds taking turns in the birdbath, hearing the cicadas warming up with the day and sat through a gentle rain shower. What is it about sitting outside that inspires me to write?

I read a couple of poems which also inspires my thoughts. From there, I was writing.

I let myself get lost in my words and thoughts. I let them float around, eventually forming into coherent ideas. I grabbed my notebook to release the words that were filling me up.

I intended to write a journal entry to catch up on the last week or so but instead ended up writing poetry. Now, I have to confess that I really don’t know much about poetry so I have no idea whether it is any good or not. What I do know is that the words flowed easily and came from my soul. And having reread them, hours later, I’m satisfied with them.

Some day I may share them. Or not.

Do you have days when you have to write? Or create in some way? I would love to hear your experience.



4 thoughts on “Word Spilling

  1. Chris says:

    I agree with you, Sherrie, that being outside is very inspiring. Because of the weather, I haven’t been inspired in quite a while! However, I find that a quiet walk in the morning before it gets too hot helps to clear my head and bring on the creativity.

  2. Dad says:

    There are those days, though for me, they are rare! I agree that this weather has stifled any writing ambition, and I’m even further behind with my writings.

  3. Hopefully this weather will break and we will have the energy for more creativity!

  4. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “telepathy” and for sharing “word spilling.” Happens to me all the time. Hear or see something that interests. Write down association words – any that jump to mind, which could in some way be associated with what I heard or saw. For humor (my bag), try for some wacky incongruity between one of the association words and what I originally heard or saw.

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