First Snow

Snowflakes on a handrail in Germany. Macro pho...

I have discovered that no matter how old I get I still manage to feel a childlike thrill when the first snowflakes of the season appear.

Last week we were supposed to get our first snow of the season. When I woke that morning, as soon as I remembered that it was supposed to be snowing I quickly looked out the window. I was so disappointed to see only gray skies but no snow. Luckily by the time I had finished making a cup of tea I glimpsed something float by outside and sure enough, it had started to snow.

I smiled and loved the fact that I could still feel the wonder and excitement that I used to feel as a kid when it snowed. It was a magical moment.

I sat by the window watching the snowflakes blowing around in the wind. They didn’t last long but it was long enough for me to relish feeling like a kid again. It was a delicious moment of enjoying being a grownup with my hot cup of tea and at the same time feeling the fluttery childlike joy of watching it snow.

Enjoy your inner child when he or she shows up to surprise you!

6 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I still feel excitement about snow, too! And I think there’s something particularly magical and wondrous about the first snow of the winter.

  2. Karen Compary says:

    Here in Tx. we don’t see a lot of snow, but when we do I react just as you do. Memories flood back to much younger days of sledding, skating, etc. I too, love to just watch it snow & feel it allows me to curl up with hot cocoa & a good book.

    • I think it would be extra special down there in Texas but I bet you remember some big snowstorms in New York! And I agree with you too that a snowy day is the perfect day to settle inside and be cozy.

  3. I was excited when we got our first snow a couple of weeks ago–it came at night and I just loved watching the flakes come down in the streetlights. I tried to get my husband to come to the door to watch but he is not as thrilled with the first snow as I am. Love this post.

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