Just the Right Book

I’ve always had a very strong relationship with books. I’ve loved to read my entire life. In fact, in many ways books stack-of-bookshave always guided me in my life. When I have questions about anything, I have always found answers in books.

There are the everyday kinds of questions that we can look up in books but what I’m talking about is deeper than that.

There is almost a mystical or spiritual connection for me. There have been countless times when I have been trying to deal with something difficult in my life and have found myself drawn to a certain book which while reading it seems to have a deep personal message for me. At times it has been the entire book. Or it can be a single sentence that stands out like a beacon. However it appears, I know it right away. It is so crystal clear that it will stop me instantly with a surprised gasp.

Books arrive in a variety of ways. Sometimes someone will recommend a book without knowing that the book contains just the thing I was searching for. Most of the time I stumble across a book, open it and discover it is exactly what I need to know right then. It’s always an inspiring moment.

It seems this is my way of figuring out this crazy life.

Have you ever had this happen? Does it happen just with books? How about with music or other media?


3 thoughts on “Just the Right Book

  1. This happens to me with books all the time — so often when I’m struggling with a question or a problem, reading helps not only calm me but to find the answers I was looking for or to rethink the issue from a brand new POV

  2. Nicole says:

    This happens to me with books and music.They just seem to find a way to center me and “show me the way”.

  3. I feel exactly the same way you do — books “speak to me”

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