Thanksgiving is More Than a Day

My Sunbeam

My Sunbeam

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Thanksgiving Day makes everyone focus on the things they are grateful for which makes it one of my favorite holidays. We can hold on to that feeling of gratitude every day.

The holiday automatically has people thinking about the big things to be grateful for like family, friends, good health, food on the table and a roof over our heads. We focus on these things and feel better about our lives.

It’s too easy to be caught up in the negatives of daily living especially when they are forced on us by media or negative people in our lives. Without realizing it, we end up focusing these things and we feel our moods darken and our energy fading away.

Why not feel good about at least one thing, no matter how small every day? It’s easy to do if you put just a tiny bit of effort into it and make a goal to find one thing a day to say thanks for.

When I say small, I mean it can be really small but as long as you look for that tiny thing, you will find you are a little bit happier, a little bit more positive about life. It can be from anywhere, home, work, nature, or other people.

How about the light that turned green for you or the parking space that is open just for you? What about the beam of sun that appears just as you take a moment to look at the sky? Or the wonderful sound of a belly laugh of a toddler or the smile of a stranger?

That’s what my Little Pleasures page is for. I would love to hear what you are grateful for today.


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is More Than a Day

  1. I’m grateful for the kind offer of roasted potatoes from my roommate today. I’m grateful for the music that is playing on my computer now. I’m grateful for Thanksgiving itself because it’s a month until the end of the semester and I have so many term papers to finish. 😉

    I’m grateful for big things too, of course. The fact that I open my eyes and can see. The fact that I can get out of bed with strength and mobility. The fact that every single breath I take is successfully processed within my body to help keep me going.

    I’m also grateful for the fact that I am here, in my dorm room, with more freedom than I’ve ever had and probably will ever have. And the fact that I’ve been raised in such a way that said freedom will not get me into any sort of trouble whatsoever. I’m grateful that I am learning at the college that is perfect for me, together with friends from my year abroad.

    Okay, got to get back to my homework. 😉

  2. Sue Hlousek says:


  3. After Thanksgiving with my family yesterday, no sleep the night before, pain from overdoing it, cooking turkey dinner today and crying over sappy sad holiday movies, I fell upon the Disney channel’s TV show called “Dog With a Blog” and howled with laughter into a MUCH better mood! I’m thank-full! And for your blog, too, Sherrie!

  4. limebirdkate says:

    This year, especially, I am thankful that my mother is well. For the little things, I am thankful the snow has held off so that I can finish winterizing my gardens!

    • Winterizing the gardens is on my to-do list as well! I’ve started but there is still a lot to do. I’m glad to hear that your mother is well. We should always be grateful for good health! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy says:

    May we continue to be thankful all the year round….

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