Proxy by Alex London

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I highly recommend the book Proxy written by Alex London. This is a YA science fiction story that is a well-written page-turner. There are enough futuristic details to make it a good science fiction story with strong characters the reader cares about.

The story takes place in the future. Society is set up with everyone having credit or debt. If you are rich, then you can afford to be a patron. Patrons have everything they need; comfortable homes, food, and lives of luxury. If you do something wrong then you can afford to have a proxy. Proxies take any punishment for their patron. This lasts as long as the proxy has a debt. Unfortunately for the proxy, it isn’t their choice.

Knox is the son of a wealthy businessman. If Knox does anything wrong, then he has to watch as his proxy is punished. Knox’s proxy is Syd. Knox grows up as a spoiled rich kid and has no feelings about his proxy. In his world, this is just the way it is.

Syd is an orphan and he becomes a proxy through no choice of his own. He lives in poverty, but is smart and tries to stay out of trouble and pay down his debt as soon as he can. He makes a meager living, goes to school and counts the days until he earns his freedom.

Until Knox kills a girl in a reckless car accident. Then Syd is sentenced to death for Knox.

One of my favorite lines in the books is “Fragments of rusted metal signs lay by the side of the road, back from the days before augmented reality, when information was planted in the dirt.”

The future in this book is dark but by the end of it, there is hope for changes to come. But no guarantees.

If you are looking for a fast-paced science fiction story, then read Proxy.

This book is a complete story in itself but the sequel to it is Guardian and comes out May 29th, 2014. I plan on reading it.


2 thoughts on “Proxy by Alex London

  1. Nicole says:

    thanks for the recommendation! I’m adding this one to my good reads list right now!

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