Motivation Folder

I am always on the lookout for motivating and inspiring quotes, tips and advice.

I find reading about how other writers work inspiring. I love essays about writing and the writing life. Stories about perseverance keep me going too. Good tips about the mechanics of writing are helpful.

I subscribe to a couple of writing magazines and find that I’ll mark the pages of articles that I want to go back and read again. If it’s a whole article then I’ll dog-ear the page. I’ve also gotten into the habit of keeping a highlighter with me while I read the magazine and will highlight whatever I want to look at again later.

Sometimes it’s a whole article and sometimes it’s a paragraph, a sentence or a quote that I love. It may be a web address or marketing information. Then I end up putting the magazines in a pile telling myself that I’ll get back to them soon. The next thing I know, I have a few unsightly piles of old magazines taking up space and collecting dust. Does anyone else do this?

I’m trying to stay ahead of this. After all, I don’t want to turn into a hoarder! I try to go through those magazines a few times a year. I turn to the marked pages looking to see what I found so fascinating. I also make it a point not to look at anything else in each issue; otherwise I get sidetracked and never accomplish anything!

I glance at whatever I marked quickly. If I don’t get hooked right away then I decide that I don’t need it. When I do find something worth keeping I tear that page or pages out and recycle the rest of the magazine. It’s amazing how much I can get through this way. No more piles of saved magazines!

I put these saved gems into a folder that I can glance through at any time.

What I find great about doing this is when I find myself unmotivated then I can just pull out my motivation folder and after reading a few pages I feel the inspired to get writing again.

Does anyone else have a motivation folder?

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