Silent Time Sunday

We live in a world full of noise; not only physical noise but mental noise too. I have been enjoying silence today.

On a rare day that I have to myself, I won’t turn on the television, radio or computer. Instead I focus on the silence around me.

I’ve discovered that there isn’t really silence. I notice every car that drives by, every plane flying overhead. But I also notice the sound of the wind blowing outside and today the sound of rain pattering against the windows.

I go about my tasks, trying to focus only on what I’m doing. Eventually, I feel my brain slowing it’s frantic pace. I go from making an endless to-do list to prioritizing what I really need to do. After an hour or so, I sigh in relief enjoying only folding the laundry or washing the dishes.

Once I reach that point I know I can sit and stare out the window and think of nothing. Just be.

After a while I feel I have the energy to think my own original thoughts, rediscover that I have them and what they are.

We are so bombarded with outside stimulation all of the time I don’t think we realize how overwhelming and exhausting it can be. Sometimes we need to be silent to recharge.

I hope you had some relaxing and healing silent time today.


2 thoughts on “Silent Time Sunday

  1. says:

    Love my quiet time!!   

  2. I love silence too–and what you can hear in it

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