Word Processing Software Suggestions?

My eight-year-old laptop finally gave up last weekend. One day before I finished my taxes! I knew it was going and had planned on looking for a new one after the weekend, but I waited just a bit too long.

So I went to a store and bought a new one. I have been dealing with a huge learning curve since my old one still used Windows XP. Going from that to Windows 8.1 has been quite a dramatic change. (I know there are other options out there but I needed something quick, fairly inexpensive and one I was familiar with!)

Luckily, knowing I was on borrowed time with my old one, I have been backing up my files for quite a while and so far am only missing a few. I am so glad I did that!

My biggest problem has been not having Word on the new computer and not being able to spend another penny so I asked my Facebook friends if they could recommend good, cheap programs. I had a few people suggest using Open Office and Libre Office which are both free! Wonderful!

I would love to know if there are other programs that you use and like. This might be helpful information for others too.

My question to my blog friends is the same: What word processing program do you like the best and why?



5 thoughts on “Word Processing Software Suggestions?

  1. I don’t know, all I’ve ever used is Word! But I think Open Office is supposed to be similar enough.

  2. Michael56j says:

    I use Word because I have it and so did my employer. It also has some features not available in Open Office – I think! But, for free software, I always go for Open Office. I guess I should try it out more seriously, with money getting tighter!

    • I ended up trying Libre Office for now and since it’s free, I will work with it for now. I may get Open Office too and see which one seems better. That seems to be the one most people are familiar with. And I totally understand about money getting tighter! Thanks for your suggestion!

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