May Be

After the flooding, torrential rain we got on Wednesday, May Day was a beautiful gift. The sun came out and the temperatures rose into the 70’s.

There is something cleansing and rejuvenating about that kind of rain and the strong sunshine of Spring.

After work I was able to spend a little time outside. I took my old dog, Shadow, out with me and even she got a burst of energy. She happily sniffed and trotted her way around the yard. Despite being almost fourteen, she had a little puppy energy.

This was the first time this year that I could wear my sandals and I couldn’t resist taking them off and enjoying the feel of the grass under my feet. This is something everyone should do from time to time. Either go barefoot or just sitting on soft grass is wonderful!

I decided to do a little weeding and enjoyed the feel and smell of the awakening soil. Soon dark clouds arrived and we had to go inside but it was a short downpour and the sun came out again.

There was a rainbow! I think these are always a miracle in the sky. The raindrops were literally sparkling like jewels in the sun and shimmering on the trees.

Then my best gift of the day arrived at the back fence where the bleeding hearts (dicentra) had just bloomed; a hummingbird flitted from flower to flower. I love hummingbirds and I think this is one of the earliest I’ve seen one here.

If I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy the moment yesterday, I would have missed all of these wonderful things.

The month of May is full of life here and one of the most beautiful times of the year.

I think I will make the month of May a time of Being. Just a moment or two to find something to admire in the world around me.

Maybe this will make me appreciate the gift of life even on the hard days.

Would anyone else like to try this?

May Be?





6 thoughts on “May Be

  1. Yes, it’s funny how much a challenge it is, to allow us to JUST BE. I’m up for it!

  2. Spring is the perfect time to really appreciate nature! You’ve mostly stayed in your house the whole barren winter to get away from the cold, and finally there’s glorious weather and grass and flowers and birds all beckoning you to come outside. It’s gorgeous!

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