May Be Continued: Tiny Efforts

Thirsty FinchThis is the time of the year when there is so much to get done in the yard that I’m not sure where to start. Today I decided to get the birdbath set up for the season.

I have an old concrete or cement birdbath that was given to me years ago, so it’s very heavy. I carried it to the back yard, set the bowl of it on the grass and began to spray water into it to rinse it out so it’s nice and clean. Within seconds of the water hitting it, I saw and heard birds chirping and flying around the yard. They love the sound of water!

It took me a little while to get the base level. I had to fill the bowl a bit and see how level it was, adjust the base and add more water and so on. Once it was level, I filled it to the brim and wondered how long it would take for the first bird to show up.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that as soon as my porch door shut, a purple finch landed and took a good long drink!

My Being today is to see how many tiny efforts I can accomplish after I take a few moments to look around where I am right now and see what can be done. Whether it will be picking up some trash the wind blew into a bush or giving the birds some fresh water to drink it’s all good.

We hear so much about how we are hurting the environment and nature that it makes me smile to know that at least on my tiny spot of the Earth, I have made a few creatures happy. (As I write this post, I am watching a few robins taking turns splashing around in the fresh water. Okay, so maybe they are chasing each other away but they are all getting to use the birdbath!)

Maybe we aren’t all bad. In fact I believe that we can all do tiny things to make this a better planet and that it makes a difference.



3 thoughts on “May Be Continued: Tiny Efforts

  1. Lovely! Birdbaths are beautiful. And yes, I agree about the tiny things making a difference!

  2. Kathy says:

    I am sure you’ve made more than a few creatures happy. The tiniest efforts are sometimes the biggest.

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