The Privy Lady

As you may have noticed, I love going to Renaissance Faires. One of the many reasons I love to go is because I see creative excellence when I’m there. This is a quality that I feel is lacking in society as a whole and when we see it or experience it first hand we realize how amazing it is to see someone take something simple and make it magical.

My magical experience this past weekend was in seeing the Privy Lady again. This is a woman who has been working in the privy, (bathroom for those of you unfamiliar with this term) for years. Most of us, myself included would assume this to be one of the most menial of jobs. But this Lady, and she deserves this title, has made this job amazing!

First of all, the privy is her realm and she has taken it upon herself to make her realm as pleasant an experience as possible. Her realm could be a confusing and complicated place, but no! She dresses in accordance to the time period and makes it her duty to greet each guest as they arrive with a sincere ‘good day, my Lady’. When a line forms, she makes sure that each woman knows exactly which stalls are open keeping the line moving efficiently. She chats pleasantly with those waiting. She watches out for children or anyone needing assistance and helps without being asked. She constantly cleans and stocks her kingdom making sure there are plenty of supplies for all of your needs. There are always pleasant smelling candles burning and hand lotions available. She even has a basket of candy waiting on the way out.

It is the details and her cheerfulness that make going to her privy a pleasant experience. During the Halloween weekends, I have seen her in full costume as a helpful witch. Her skin green with her face and eyes full of smiles. She wears a belt of rope and rolls of toilet paper. She cackles merrily. Her realm decorated for the season.

How many of us have jobs that lack in creativity? How many of us go through our day without enthusiasm? How many of us just do what we have to do to get the job done?

Not this woman! She has taken a job that could be terribly demoralizing and draining and made it a creative and joyful experience. She sincerely enjoys the women who pass through her realm making each and every one of us feel special.

I find this incredibly inspiring. It makes me wonder how I can improve the ways I do things. It shows me that simple little things can make a world of difference. I find myself wondering how I can make somebody’s day just a little brighter.

What a gift this woman has. I bow in respect to magic of the Privy Lady.


8 thoughts on “The Privy Lady

  1. Sue Hlousek says:

    Oh, did this strike a spark in me!! Thanks for writing what could have been overlooked yet you made it beautiful, hooray!!!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I love this! You wrote so beautifully about something most of us wouldn’t have taken a second glance at. Very interesting read 🙂

  3. Karen Compary says:

    Oh Sherrie, I love this one!. Your writings are so discriptive that I can see myself in line in that privy. Thanks.

  4. Kathy says:

    I have never been to a Renaissance Fair, but would love to go. Thanks for the inspiration! To think that a Privy Lady exists and that you could memorialize her. Wow. It gives me hope.

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