Green Herons: Backyard Entertainment!

Green Heron chick

Green Heron chick

This summer I have new neighbors. A Green Heron family. I glimpsed one of the parents weeks ago thinking it was a duck trying to land in our trees. All I really got a good look at was long yellowish/orange legs which belonged on some kind of water bird. And I knew it was about the size of a small duck. I wasn’t even sure ducks nested in trees but found out that some do. Later that week I saw two of them flying overhead.

I kept trying to get to get a good enough view to figure out what it was. A week or two later, I finally got a better look and heard them. From those clues I figured out that they were Green Herons.
Earlier this week I saw a couple of young ones trying to get around from branch to branch in the trees. They are awkward looking and not very coordinated but fun to watch. I finally got some pictures.
Two days ago one of the babies was walking in my backyard. It had a little less fuzz and more grown up feathers.

Exploring the backyard

Exploring the backyard








I’ve also noticed that the two chicks like to perch near each other in the sun in the mornings while they give themselves a good grooming.










Today, both chicks were walking around in the backyard. 


Both exploring the ground.

Both exploring the ground.

I imagine they will be flying away for good soon but it has been a lot of fun to watch them.


3 thoughts on “Green Herons: Backyard Entertainment!

  1. Delightful! I don’t really get to see water birds where I live. But we do have a lot of lovely cardinals and blue jays (although I usually don’t see the blue jays, just hear them)! 😀

  2. What wonderful neighbours to have. Here I have a baby hare who likes to snooze at my back door and a family of pheasants who use my garden as a short cut to nearby fields!

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