Bird Summer

I have decided that this has been the summer of birds for me. I’ve had summers with different themes in the past. And when I have approached this topic with friends, they usually agree when they think about it. I know Nature has cycles and I wonder if I will notice a pattern as the years go on. For now I just observe.

One year was the year of spiders since there were spider webs everywhere. Starting in August I noticed that there were beautiful webs in every available place outside. When it was raining or the sun shone at just the right angle you would see the amazing beauty of the webs. The bad part that year was walking through them by accident and that horrible feeling wondering if there was a spider tagging along for a ride!

One year it was mice. They seemed to be in all of my gardens. I found tunnels through the mulch, under plants, and anywhere they could make paths. They stayed out of my house, so that was okay.

One year it was ants. They didn’t stay out of the house. Yuck.

One year it was butterflies. That was fun and beautiful. They seemed to be everywhere and there were some I hadn’t noticed before.

This year for me its birds.

We seem to have had a variety of birds that we don’t usually see like woodpeckers and the herons.

As those of you who follow this blog know, we had the green heron family in our yard for most of the summer. One of the chicks stayed for a long time but now I think it finally moved on. But in the last week or so I have seen baby catbirds, robins, finches, sparrows and wrens.

The most fun for me has been the hummingbirds. There is a mother bird and two youngsters. Twice this summer while watering my garden I have had these tiny but brave birds hover right next to me as if to say hello and thank me for the flowers they enjoy outside the porch. I wish I could manage to get a picture of them but they have alluded me so far.

In the meantime I enjoy watching all these amazing bird families. Very entertaining!

How about you? How has Nature gifted you this summer?


6 thoughts on “Bird Summer

  1. Oh, you have hummingbirds? Have you tried feeding them nectar? I’ve seen videos of people hand-feeding hummingbirds and it’s amazing. Check out these links:

    • Thanks for the links! I haven’t tried the feeders but I plant Lady-In-Red Salvia and petunias outside my porch and they love those. I love how brave they are! It would be amazing to have one eat from my hand!

  2. LadyPinkRose says:

    Sherrie, I have a feeder and the hummers LOVE it. So do the Orioles by the way. For 3 years I enticed Orioles here with pieces of oranges hanging from my tress. Year number 3 they finally came and have stayed since. The hummers come right up to my windows and doors, look in at me, as if to say hello. I also have many different kinds of flowers they like, so I see them flitting from one plant to the next. Every year it is birds with me. I have dedicated 3/4 of our property to them and they have come here to nest and feed. Last year it was spiders …. everywhere. This year it is mint growing everywhere in my gardens, something I have never seen before. And as you read my BIG surprise this year was the appearance of the Blue Heron in my back yard. That just doesn’t happen but it did. Really enjoyed your post and I really do thank you for visiting Petals. Bless you! Love, Amy

    • Amy, I didn’t know you could attract Orioles that way. I loved your Blue Heron! We have a roost of them at a pond across the street and across the field. There were 7 nests that we watched all spring. But I’ve never had one in my yard. They are huge! We got to enjoy the Green Herons in the yard this summer. Birds are very entertaining! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!

      • LadyPinkRose says:

        You are welcome, Sherrie. I didn’t know you could attract Orioles either that way but I tried. I took off the little flowers on the feeder to make the hole bigger for them. The hummers don’t seem to mind. I worked really hard to get the Orioles to come because they are really fussy where they go. I wouldn’t give up because I was determined to accomplish what I set out to do Like I said it took 3 years. I’m so glad I didn’t give up now because they now return every year. And yes, way cool about my Heron story! I still cannot believe it even happened. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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