End of Summer

It’s like a switch has been flipped. All of a sudden this week the birds have grown silent and invisible. Overnight they have disappeared. I still see the hummingbird but I can’t tell now if its one of the youngsters or not.

Now instead of the cacophony of bird calls and the flurry of feathered activity in the yard, there is silence and absence.

The fireflies have finished their light shows for the year as well. The nights now belong to the bats eating the mosquitoes for which I am grateful.

The only sounds now are the crickets and cicadas which tell me loudly that it is still summer but that it is coming to an end. I know here in Pennsylvania we can have summer weather for at least another month and that’s great.

As much as I look forward to having less to do in the yard, I really dislike the Autumn. Maybe because I am too tuned into the plants and feel the trees slowing and the annuals dying. Despite the beauty of the colors of the leaves in the fall, I find it sad.

For now I will enjoy every day of being able to be barefoot. I relish the warm ground and soft grass. The bright flowers are showing off their incredible variety of colors and shapes. I will save seeds from my favorite flowers to plant next year. I will clean up the gardens so they will be ready for the spring. And I won’t take any days for granted.

I am grateful for a wonderful Summer this year.


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