Make-Believe Come True

I had an interesting revelation at work the other day. I work at a library and was processing new books to add to the collection. As I was carefully putting on the barcodes and then stamping each book with the library stamp, I realized that this is a job that I used to play make-believe when I was a kid!

I was doing the exact same thing when I was probably eight or nine years old. We lived in a colonial at that time and there was a small alcove at the top of the stairs. My sister and I set up the alcove to be a library. I remember sitting at a small desk with a pile index cards and was stamping them one after another to put in each book my sister was checking out. I remember the feeling of being very official and professional as the librarian.

As this memory came to me while I was stamping real books in a real library, I kind of giggled and realized that at that moment  one of my make-believe games came true! And I found it funny because it wasn’t a big dream and I’m not an official librarian, but I was very happy doing my job! How often does that happen?

I have been one of those people who has never known what I want to be when I grow up and as a result I have had quite a variety of jobs over the years. Some I disliked very much, a few that I enjoyed for a time. Now I have a job that I love and that in itself is a revelation.

I like my job because of so many reasons like being able to recommend books for people and helping them find information. I love meeting people and have been awed and humbled by the stories they tell about themselves. I love being surrounded by books and all the magic and knowledge contained in each one.

How fun it has been to discover that even the small things like stamping books can be rewarding! I’m still tickled by the whole idea.
Have you ever had anything like that happen where you work? If so, were you as surprised as I have been? I would love to read your story!


6 thoughts on “Make-Believe Come True

  1. Robbyn Kehoe says:

    Awesome. Just awesome

  2. sue Hlousek says:

    Oh, I remember that library!!! And if I shut my eyes I can hear Sally’s giggle and see your Very serious face!!!

  3. LillianC says:

    When I was young I spent a lot of time in libraries. I read the books with the atomic symbol or the skull-and-crossbones on the spine, which stood for SF or mystery. I really wanted to know how the people who wrote books learned to make those stories. I’m still learning, but now I make them too!

    • I looked for the unicorns and the space ships on the spines. I too am learning how to weave those wonderful tales. It’s amazing the lasting positive influence libraries have on so many people.

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