Real Life is Overrated

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been mired in real life. Real life by itself is overrated.

Have you ever made huge changes in your life going into the new phase at full speed to the detriment of everything else? When all of your energy and focus swings into the new endeavor? Well that’s where I have been.

I am swinging back into a better balance of things again and hope to stay here a while.

I had to push all of my writing aside for a while and was too busy to notice how much I have missed it. I have done this a few times in the past. Sometimes thinking I was quitting this whole writing thing. But every time this happens I realize that I need to write. I can’t not write! At least this time I wasn’t foolish enough to think I was really quitting. This time I knew I would be back; I just didn’t know when. I think this is growth!

Writing helps me put things in perspective. It helps me work through problems and emotions before they become toxic. Creative writing is a wonderful way for me to escape reality and feel as if there is some control in life. And often, the creative writing ends up being helpful without my intending it to be.

I have been reading the wonderful blogs that I follow. Your blogs have been very inspiring and I am very grateful to have found your words.

For the most part the only writing I have been doing is in my journal or emails.

Lately my imagination has been prodding me to get back to it. I’m a little rusty but I think I have the energy and will to shine it up and see what I find.


7 thoughts on “Real Life is Overrated

  1. dflorack says:

    I’m in the same place you are at the moment. I haven’t posted much lately because of lack of time. I miss it. School and work have somehow taken over my life.

  2. LillianC says:

    Sometimes letting your writing mind “lie fallow” can be a good thing. The compost heap of the imagination has time to work its unseen processes.

  3. Karen Compary says:

    Glad you are back!! Missed you. Sometimes we just need a break from the everyday.

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