Gaudiness and Beauty

‘Tis the season to be wild with color and decorating whether it is our homes, yards, cars or ourselves. I know there are religious reasons for Christmas and Chanukah but this is also the season to have fun.

I love how at this time of the year everyone loves all the sparkle, color and tackiness of the season. Maybe this is a sign that society in general has rules that are too binding? In society, things have to match or blend or be just right. This time of the year is a celebration of cutting loose.

We use as many lights in as many colors and combinations imaginable. How about the inflatable and plastic decorations that sometimes fill every space indoors and out. Think about the ugly sweaters that are so popular now. The gaudier the better.  

Fun Lights

Fun Lights

Is this just our inner children trying to get out and have a great time? I think so. Anything goes and that’s fun!

Some people like to stay with simple whites and golds. Others use every color there is. And it’s all great. No judgement. Only preference.

Doesn’t it make you happy to see the effort people go to just to add some beauty and fun to the world? Don’t you love to see the beautiful and the gaudy?

It is a crazy busy time of the year but I hope you take a little time to walk or drive around your neighborhood and enjoy it all.

(A special thanks to Robb Enright for letting me use his stunning photo of the grand tree at Longwood Gardens.)


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