The Luxury of Doing One Thing at a Time

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am always multitasking. Always. Even when I’m not doing anything I have multiple thoughts going all of the time.

When I finally make the time to do and focus on one thing, it feels like sheer luxury. I think that is why I enjoy writing so much. Focusing on one train of thought and finding just the right words is fun.

There is a joy in being able to do anything creative at my own pace for a length of time. Of losing myself in getting something done and then being able to step back and enjoy what I have accomplished. Whether it is writing or gardening or just getting a closet organized in a creative way, there is a wonderful sense of calm and accomplishment that is incredibly satisfying.

I think we are always doing so many things all of the time that we forget how to relax and enjoy life.

I think this is why so many jobs are unsatisfying. There isn’t enough personal creativity and satisfaction. Jobs that make us rush through our day often without feeling we created anything. What is the product at the end of the day that we can take pride in? Did we make someone’s day better? Did we create something of beauty? Many jobs are about the bottom line; mass producing meaningless products in a world that seems too materialistic.

Why am I rambling about all of this? Because I recently had one of those rare days when I could do as I wanted to do for as long as I wanted to do it. I took a lot of deep breaths and found myself smiling. I was lost in my own sense of time and doing my own thing.

It made me think of why we enjoy watching children play. They lose themselves in the pure pleasure of the moment. They only get upset when we adults push our sense of time on them and tell them it’s time to go.

I think we need to get back to that feeling of play from time to time. Let your inner child have fun. Do just one thing that you enjoy today. What will you do?


4 thoughts on “The Luxury of Doing One Thing at a Time

  1. Chrissy Layton says:

    I love that feeling of being in the zone, doing one thing really, really well. Time stands still! (But really it races by.)

  2. dflorack says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know how to relax, and it sounds silly, but my husband made me stop and hug a stuffed animal from my childhood this morning. I felt like I was three again, and it brought me to tears.

  3. So true and well-said, Sherrie. I’ve recently read studies that show we are less productive when we multitask and creativity soars when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

  4. Karen Compary says:

    Wonderful! I can relate totally. Recently had Brinley all day & all we did was play. It was one of he best days of my life!

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