Local Author Event

You never know how much talent there is in your own back yard. I discovered this last Saturday when Erin McCole Cupp and I invited local authors to come and spend the afternoon at the Atglen Public Library.

We ended up with a dozen authors coming. Many authors had more than one book available. Some of them are also performing storytellers, historians, educators, scientists, lawyers, journalists and more. Many are available for school visits and offer workshops.

I was both nervous and excited about the day. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great and I was afraid that would keep people from coming. I was afraid it would be quiet and sad that the weather kept people away. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to see that the day was upbeat and fun!

The authors arrived mostly one at a time which was great because then Erin and I could meet them and show them where they could set up. We introduced each person as they arrived and they took it from there. Soon the room was full of the happy chatter of authors comparing their books, their craft and getting to know each other.

Despite the snowy weather some people did arrive to see what was going on and they were made to feel welcome.

We had a blind book date which was fun. Each person took a book to read for a few minutes and then shifted to the left and read the next book. It was a great way to see what the authors were offering.

Speed Book Dating

Speed Book Dating

We also let authors sign up for a 5-10 minute presentation. Luckily by this time we had a small audience and they sat listening to each author speak. The authors talked about their book(s) and how they came to write them. There was time after that to meet with the authors and buy some books.

Overall it ended up being a high energy and intimate meeting of authors and the public. It was amazing how varied the writing material was. We had local historical fiction, mystery, science fiction, horror, romance, young adult and children’s. There was nonfiction including animal welfare, spirituality, dealing with grief and local history.

Everyone is asking if we will do this again and I think we will. Take a look at your neighborhood and see who is there. I think you might be surprised!



Here are the authors who attended. Please visit their sites, take a look at their books and say hello.

Carolyn Astfalk: http://carolynastfalk.com/

Susannah Brody: http://home.comcast.net/~susannahbrody/books.html

Jennifer Gladen: http://jengladen.com/

K.B. Inglee:  http://kbinglee.weebly.com/

Susan Marie Kelley: http://susanmariekelley.weebly.com/

Jane Kelly: http://janekellymystery.homestead.com/jk.html

Erin McCole Cupp: http://erinmccolecupp.com/

Treva Hall Melvin: http://thepoisonedpencil.com/treva-hall-melvin/

Marcella Peyre-Ferry: PFFarms@earthlink.com

Nancy B. Schmitt & Kelly Schmitt:  Nancy’s books are available at the Malvern Borough website.  Contact Kelly at mactavish@rocketmail.com

Chris Shaughness: http://www.chrisshaughness.com/

Walt Trizna: https://walttriznastories.wordpress.com/

8 thoughts on “Local Author Event

  1. Wordwrights says:

    Reblogged this on Wordwrights' Blog and commented:
    A really fun event!

  2. Chris S. says:

    It was great to meet so many local authors! I hope we can get together again. Thanks for doing this, Sherrie and Erin!

  3. Robbyn says:

    This was so much fun! Thanks so much, Sherrie!

  4. walttriznastories says:

    Great article.
    Thanks sooo much.
    I’m going to reblog it.

  5. walttriznastories says:

    Reblogged this on Walttriznastories's Blog and commented:
    My great writer friend, Sherrie Palmer, was great in making this event possible.

  6. Nicole says:

    so sad I missed this, but I’m happy it turned out so wonderfully!

  7. Doug Hlousek says:

    Really pleased that you had a good turnout and it went so well. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading about future events!

  8. Kathy says:

    How wonderful that you can have an event like this. It sounds like it was a success. Blessings for many more events like it!

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